What happens to your body if you drink tea every day

Even high-caffeine teas still contain less caffeine than a regular cup of coffee.

It’s no secret that tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world. People drink it before bed, in the morning to wake up or in the afternoon – when it’s time for tea.

There is no problem with drinking tea every day and there are actually many benefits to our overall health. The longest living people drink tea every day. Residents of Okinawa, Japan drink green tea or matcha every day.

How is drinking tea different from drinking coffee?

Well, depending on the type of tea you prefer, there may not be much difference between drinking tea and drinking coffee. If you drink tea with a high caffeine content such as black tea or Earl Gray, your body may experience the same effects as drinking coffee.

However, even high-caffeine teas still contain less caffeine than a regular cup of coffee.

See what happens to your body if you drink tea every day in our gallery.

You will take more phytonutrients

Tea is full of nutrients that you cannot get with other drinks. Phytonutrients are common plant nutrients that support human health in many different ways. They act as antioxidants, help against allergies, reduce the risk of certain cancers.

You will regulate your metabolism

There are even certain teas that can help you regulate your metabolism if it is out of balance for some reason. Green tea in particular has a positive effect on the regulation of metabolism. If this is your goal, try black, green or oolong tea.

It has an anti-inflammatory effect

Ingredients found in green and black tea can have a huge impact on reducing inflammation in red blood cells. They even found that people with lupus who consumed green tea daily for 12 weeks reported less inflammation in their bodies.

It has diuretic properties

Dandelion tea, green tea, barley tea and hibiscus tea have diuretic properties. Diuretics are the nutrients that cause our body to get rid of salt and water in the form of urine. Tea with diuretic properties is often recommended for people with kidney problems, diabetes or certain heart problems.

Helps control weight

A 12-week study of daily consumption of green tea in women showed a significant reduction in weight and fat around the abdomen. This is largely due to the increased energy levels that people have reported after consuming green tea, as well as metabolic control and aid in lipid production.






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