Sister Betsy Surf Wax is Growing Fast & Now in Over 50 Stores across the Country

Sister Betsy

James Moseley is the CEO and Founder of Sister Betsy

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, August 15, 2021 / — Once John Kabat Zinn famously said that you cannot stop the waves, but you can learn to surf. The acing drive to surf comes at its best when you master the game. Sister Betsy Surf Wax enables surfers to master the game by giving them the right grip on the surfboard. A company by James Moseley that strikes credibility and an innate passion for surfing. With a valued clientele, Sister Betsy Surf Wax is now available in 50 stores across the country. In this article, we will be learning some vital aspects about this brand that stays true to the passion of surfing.

Sister Betsy Surf Wax, the Beginnings
Once a local surfer from Los Angeles set out to make a venture. James Moseley founded Sister Betsy Surf Wax. James Moseley created Sister Betsy out of his innate passion and love for surfing. The Bam-Bam song by Sister Nancy inspired the name of the brand. The Bam-Bam is actually a reggae anthem. Reggae music has a special association with the sport of surfing. Therefore, that is how the brand got its name.

The term Bam denotes a special meaning too. It tells that one cannot keep a free human spirit in confinements. One must break free and create a unique path for oneself. How incredible is the intuition behind the Sister Betsy Surf Wax?

Sister Betsy was first introduced to the world at the Surf Expo 2021 in Orlando, Florida. The company offers surf wax as the main product. In addition, it offers apparel and accessories.

Sister Betsy Surf Wax, the Brand
Sister Betsy comes in an iconic hexagonal blue box. With a visually appealing branding strategy, the brand is easy to spot and remember. On the cover of the box, there is an amazing illustration of a nun called “Sister Betsy.” In addition, the nun is seen contemplating with a magic crystal ball. Moreover, in the ball, a surfer is riding the waves.

The founder of the brand tells us about the inspiration and his vision behind the branding strategy. According to James Moseley, the design tells us that there are countless opportunities and possibilities. Moreover, he tells that the illustration depicts the message, “the sky is the limit.” How incredible is that!
We love the way that Sister Betsy empowers the surfers to take risks and be courageous. It supports this by providing high-quality wax that sits well on the board and gives a good grip.

James Moseley Vision behind Sister Betsy
James took a very intuitive approach when he made Sister Betsy. The vision behind the name resonates with his own personal vision. He paved his own way in life. Moseley embraced his own individual passion and ditched the monotonous job life. A visionary entrepreneur who is creating a positive impact. He is doing what he loves to do.

He is connecting with young surfers to help them celebrate their abilities. That is how a wonder called Sister Betsy came into existence. James’ story offers a stout moment of reflection for young people who want to become entrepreneurs. He pushes all of us to break the barriers and value life by doing what we love.

Sister Betsy & Environment Care
Being an informed entrepreneur, James made sure that Sister Betsy does not take a toll on the environment. James created a formula with organic ingredients. The product is made with eco-friendly processes and is hand-poured. This makes the product stay true to the vision and social responsibility. Sister Betsy Surf Wax is now available in 50 stores across the country. However, you can shop online as well.

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