The Ultimate Parent Guide to Child and Adolescent Physical Activity

Finding the right activities and sports for your children after Covid-19

So helpful! From preschool to high school, good points to guide and understand what’s most beneficial to keep kids physically/emotionally healthy, from a professional who’s seen things firsthand.”
— Amazon Reviewer

UNITED STATES, August 12, 2021 / — As American children return to school, parents are faced with a dilemma after nearly two years of reduced or even nonexistent physical exercise—how do they help their children safely discover physical activity and sports that are right for their age, interests and level of development? Veteran physical education professional Michael E. Gosset Ed.D. brings the professional guidance parents need most in his book, The Ultimate Parent Guide to Child & Adolescent Physical Activity: Maintaining Their Physical and Emotional Health with Option Outlines (January 4, 2021; $19.99).Even under the best of circumstances, choosing between the many options for physical education and activity can be overwhelming. Should we consider a club or a program? What’s the right level of activity for my child’s age and fitness level? How do I recognize a good coach or PE teacher? Is my child among the .03-.5 percent who has what it takes to eventually go professional?

Gosset answers all of these questions and more. He also tells you:
• Why dodgeball is a poor activity choice in PE class
• What clubs can do for a talented young athlete
• How to organize physical activities and athletics for your home-schooled child
• Whether sport specialization is right for your child
• What to consider about your child’s mental and emotional growth in sports

Gosset also includes Option Outlines that will help guide parents toward the right choice for their child. He brings nearly 40 years of experience as a teacher, coach, professor and athletic director, answering the pressing and confusing questions and providing answers that will help get children—and their parents—back into healthy physical condition.

MICHAEL E. GOSSET, Ed.D., has been a physical education professional for nearly 40 years. Currently a faculty member in higher education, he has been a teacher, coach (in schools and clubs), and an athletic director. His area of interest and research is Elementary Physical Education, specifically, Movement Education and Skill Themes. His objective is for children to enjoy movement, and to increase or maintain their varied physical activities throughout life while staying healthy.

Contact: Dr. Michael E. Gosset

The Ultimate Parent Guide to Child & Adolescent Physical Activity
by Michael E. Gosset Ed.D.
indie pub; January 4, 2021
$19.99; 80 pages
ISBN-13: ‎ 979-8558817584


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