Mental health in crisis

Friday (28 May 2021) United Nations human rights experts called upon the Council of Europe to withdraw a possible new legal instrument that would maintain an approach to mental health policy and practice that is based on coercion, which is incompatible with contemporary human rights principles and standards.

The United Nations experts who are having extensive expertise in the field of disability, mental health and human rights noted that “Overwhelming evidence from the European Disability Forum, Mental Health Europe and other organizations and growing consensus within the United Nations including at the World Health Organization, show that forced admission to medical institutions and coercive treatments in institutions will bring harmful effects such as pain, trauma, humiliation, shame, stigmatisation and fear to people with psychosocial disabilities.”

What is the actual scene? How widespread is the use of forced admissions and coercive treatments?

The European Times will be covering the matter in an article series starting today.

See also article on Council of Europe in big controversy here.


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  1. Sanna Luisella Avatar
    Sanna Luisella

    Very important issue!
    It is vital that the Council of Europe puts an end to these legislations that allow coercetives measures
    throughout Europe. Thousands and thousands persons have suffered from these measures and still today.

    As an example, forcing a person to get an injection of psych drugs every week or every month without consent!

    A thourough investigation should be done by our European governments on these abusive measures.

    We are all concerned and we cannot accept in 2021 that these abuses are still there.

    Luisella Sanna

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