France has entered the fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic

French government spokesman Gabriel Atal said on Monday that the country had entered the fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic, Reuters reported.

Attal said the new wave was “faster” and had a “steeper slope” than all previous ones, adding that “the dynamics of the pandemic are extremely strong”.

He also said the number of cases had increased at lightning speed, with the incidence rate rising by nearly 125% in a week and 80% of the country’s cases could be attributed to the Delta option.

According to him, the French government continues with its new plan to fight Covid infections and alleviate the pressure under which hospitals can be subjected again, and there will be some changes – such as reduced fines.

The plan, which includes in particular the requirement for a “health card” in a wide range of places such as restaurants or cinemas and makes vaccination mandatory for health workers, takes into account some of the most stringent anti-epidemic measures in Europe.

Gabriel Atal said new measures could be taken to help fight the virus, which could include compulsory vaccination for healthcare workers and extending the “health card” to the entertainment business.

He reiterated his call for people to be vaccinated, saying it “drastically” helps fight the coronavirus, and acknowledged that “vaccination coverage is currently insufficient” in France.





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