Why tomatoes are best meal in the heat

Tomato dishes, which do not need to be cooked, are especially in demand during the summer heat.

Important tomato

Fragrant, fleshy tomatoes that have ripened in the sun cannot be compared with greenhouse specimens. In terms of useful properties, this is generally an ideal summer meal, and most importantly, they do not need to be cooked!

– Especially in the heat, tomatoes are what the doctor ordered. Even raw, they are a source of lycopene, vitamin C, potassium and folate. It’s easy to get more benefits simply by adding olive oil to them, advises New York City nutritionist Lauren Manganiello.

Let’s do without a stove

When it’s outside 30 degrees of heat, it’s not up to cooking. This is where tomatoes will help out. With a few movements of the knife, the tomatoes are transformed…. No, not in shorts, but in hearty food that you can get without touching the handle of the gas stove.

These incredibly simple tomato recipes require no cooking and are therefore the best option to get through hot days without standing by a hot stove.

• Tomato sandwich. Just make a tomato and bread sandwich, lightly seasoned with mayonnaise and salt. Add ingredients of your choice, such as cream cheese or hot mustard, hard-boiled egg, or avocado.

• Salads. A traditional tomato salad can become even more summery with fruity notes. Add fresh peach and watermelon wedges, mozzarella and basil. In general, fantasize!

• Cold sauce. Make a non-boiled sauce with fresh tomatoes. Simply run the tomatoes with the herbs you want through a food processor or grated. Use this sauce for pasta or as a dressing for porridge.

• Tomato water. Why not prepare fresh tomato water for alcoholic cocktails? To do this, cover a metal strainer with gauze and place it in a deep bowl. Chop the tomatoes, salt, place in a strainer and refrigerate for eight to 24 hours. Tomato water will remain in the bowl, which can be mixed with gin, vodka and tonic for a spicy refreshing cocktail.






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