The curious history of the world’s longest sea bridge

The combined road-rail bridge Jopecynd, located on the eponymous stream and which connects Sweden and Denmark, is certainly one of the wildest.

The bridge over the Yopecynd is the longest combined rail railway bridge in Europe and connects two main Scandinavian ports – the Swedish southern city of Malmö and the Danish capital Copenhagen. In addition, this engineering miracle connects both the road and the railway network of Scandinavia and Central and Western Europe.

The connection takes almost 8 km from the Swedish coast to the island of бebexolm, which is located in the cpedata of the stream. The remaining part of the connection is a tunnel lasting 5 km – from the island of Zebexolm to the Danish island of Ama. The power passes over the motor and under the water.

The Øresund Bridge supports a four-lane road on the upper deck carrying 6 million vehicles per year, and two train tracks on the lower deck transporting another 8 million people each year. Crossing the bridge by car takes about 10 minutes; the train trip between the Malmo and Copenhagen stations takes about 35 minutes.

The construction started in 1995 and ended only 4 years later – in 1999. On August 14, he was sent to move from France to Denmark, the Prince of Denmark, and to Sweden, the Prince of Sweden. The two of them are celebrating on the bridge, in order to congratulate each other on the realization of the successful project, which was considered before that to be almost a nightmare.

The cost of the bridge amounts to 4 billion euros and they are divided between Sweden and Denmark. The construction activities are carried out by a joint collaboration between the companies Nostchief, Kanka, Nojgaard & Schultz and Montberg & Thorgen. The power is designed by the Danish engineering company “SOWI”.

Today, the European road E20 crosses the bridge. It is also a very important link, which is extremely important for the transport between Sweden-Denmark and continental Europe.

The Oresund Bridge is the bearer of the International Bridge Engineering Award for the Extreme Strip.





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