China may reduce pork imports by more than 50% by the end of 2021

The daily import of pork in China is likely to fall, as domestic prices also fall. Hovinata is a potential hope for dressing up the pressure on the world market, writes Vloomberg.

China is the largest importer of protein in the world, but it can reduce its contribution by more than 50% for the July-December period, compared to June.

Fuchs in the international bench for pig meat will increase by more than 25% in Chicago in 2021 against the backdrop of heavy heat and heat. Pig prices in China, however, will drop by more than 50% due to increased production, input and recovery from the African market.

The decline in China’s imports may be good news for consumers in other parts of the world. More expensive meats, zpanne xpani and dpygi yvelichixa global costs for xpana to the highest level since 2011 so far.

Pork production in China has risen by 36% in the first half of the year or to about 27 million tons, while the number of pigs in the world is 43%.

By 2020, China had imported a total of 4.4 million tons of pork per month. Spain, Brazil and the United States were the main suppliers.

By 2020, China has released 670,000 tons of pigs from the state, which is approximately the equivalent of 15% of the amount of pigs in the world this year.






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