Ukraine received about 100 thousand doses of AstraZeneca vaccine from Romania

The vaccines will be used as a second dose for those who have already received their first COVID-19 vaccine with this drug.

Ukraine received about 100,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine from Romania with the support of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

The vaccines have already been accepted at the central warehouse.

This is reported by the Ministry of Health on Facebook.

“These vaccines will be distributed to the regions and will be used as a second dose to those who have already received the first vaccination against COVID-19 with this drug,” the message says.

Note that the European Union allocates to Ukraine almost 700,000 doses of vaccines against COVID-19, in particular, 500 thousand doses of vaccines were to come from Denmark and 100 thousand 800 doses from Romania.

Recall that the WHO assures that drugs for the prevention of coronavirus protect against the Indian strain “Delta” in the event of the entire course of vaccination.

In the fall, an increase in the incidence of COVID-19 and a worsening of the situation in general is expected. Now there are all the prerequisites that the situation with the coronavirus in Ukraine will become more complicated.

This was announced by the epidemiologist of the National Expert Group on Infection Control (NEGIC) Ekaterina Soyak in an exclusive comment to

The epidemiologist told whether there will be a new wave of coronavirus in Ukraine, if so, when, and whether it will be more difficult than the previous one.

“Such predictions, of course, are difficult to make. But, according to my feelings, according to the feelings of colleagues, we are still waiting for the second wave (of coronavirus disease – ed.), Which will be in the fall. And if it is, then either the same or more difficult But, again, everything is unpredictable. If a lot of people with a new strain do not come to us, the situation may be easier. But I think it is worth preparing, because in the fall there will be an increase in the incidence of COVID-19 and a worsening of the situation in general, ” she noted.

According to Soyak, given that the Delta strain is much more contagious (infectious – ed.) And causes a more severe course, more hospitalizations, therefore (if this is associated with the Delta strain) the situation will be worse than it was before. But, of course, it’s not worth saying 100% of this.

“I would also say that according to all the trends that exist in Ukraine, according to the level of infection control in hospitals, in all our other closed premises, there are all the prerequisites that the situation will worsen,” summed up the epidemiologist.

More than 200 vaccination centers operate in Ukraine: 1,700 people have already been vaccinated in half a day

There are two queues to take advantage of the free vaccination. One of them is attended by people who were invited for vaccination by phone call or message and those who registered for a while on the website of the medical information system serving their city. On the other hand, everyone who is registered on the waiting list at Diya or the contact center of the Ministry of Health passes in a live queue.

For vaccination, it is advised to have a declaration with a family doctor, which will significantly speed up the process. If there is still no such, then the person must necessarily have a passport and an individual tax number with him.

The second dose of vaccine can be obtained at these centers or at a vaccination site of your convenience.





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