Pork “meat” from fruit? How this startup entered the billion-dollar industry in Asia

More and more manufacturers are relying on various sources to respond to the continuing depletion of proteins. One of them is Dan Piglep, who created the first company in Asia, which offers alternatives to the place.

My company Karana offers a substitute for pork meat, which is made entirely of fruit, baked jackfruit, butter and cola, without pre-processed cakes.

“Pig meat is the most concentrated in this region and cannot be fully addressed,” Piglep said.

It is well known that half of the world’s pig meat is produced and consumed in Asia, with most of it coming from this country. That’s how Piglet and his business partner Blape Kayton create a passionate alternative to the place. The first product of Karana is a substitute for pig meat, made from jackfruit, produced by small farms in Spi Lanka.

The founders are trying to adapt the fruits for the poppy market, they are quickly inventing a mechanical process, so that they can transform the fruits into a similar one.

“We want to create something that cooks can use and create amazing dishes,” said Kayton.

Even before the pandemic, the market for an alternative to the city was estimated at 140 billion dollars – or 10% of the world’s local industry.

According to The Good Food Institute, Agia Rasifis, global investments in alternative proteins have increased by 300% in 2020 alone.

The investment marks the company’s debut in 2021 in Singapore, where the pig “meco”, which is produced in nine stages.

The next debut will be in Hong Kong, as well as online.






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