G Train, Thierry Gauguin, the train for billionaires and what the “castle on rails” has to offer

Traveling by train has always had its charm, and in recent years has emerged as a more environmentally friendly alternative to moving from point A to point B. Of course, we are talking about machines powered by electricity or hydrogen, which are not only environmentally friendly, but also quite fast.

But in order to become a preferred vehicle for people with great financial means, who have the convenience of traveling by private plane, the train must offer something more. And everything we could think of is gathered in an impressive new project.

G Train is the conceptual project of the French designer Thierry Gauguin, who wants to completely change the idea of ​​rail travel. That’s why it’s offering a train that could become the property of a sufficiently solvent person for $ 350 million.

Gauguin has worked on several megayacht projects, including Steve Jobs, and knows what people want with money. And now he collects his observations and ideas in this glass “castle on rails” with a length of 400 meters and a total of 14 cars.

According to him, the future owner of this train should be aware that it is not so much the time to arrive at the final destination, but the journey itself. It can be an unforgettable experience for which we dedicate our most valuable thing – time. And in G Train it is certainly used in the best way.

G Train has 18 sleeping places and the speed it develops is 160 km / h. It will be adapted to railways in Europe and the United States. The composition can be divided into two separate parts, which travel independently in different directions. The project is very complex and ambitious, but Gauguin is optimistic that the design is completely “feasible”, CNN reports.

Upon entering the train we find ourselves in a reception hall, from where we go to the main part where the owner is located. There is a special guest area as well as a reception lounge. There is also a “secret” garden, and some of the train’s glass wings can be raised to form outdoor party terraces.

When the idea of ​​a private train came to Gauguin years ago, Steve Jobs’ widow Lauren Powell Jobs imagined it as its buyer. So far, however, she has shown no interest. No other “crazy enough” has appeared to pay the nine-figure sum to begin building the train, which will take about two and a half years.





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