Lufthansa introduces gender neutral address instead of “ladies and gentlemen”

The goal is for all travelers to feel as comfortable as possible

Europe’s largest airline, Lufthansa, has removed the “ladies and gentlemen” address from greeting passengers on board its planes and replaced it with a gender-neutral alternative, France-Presse reported.

The goal is for all travelers to feel as comfortable as possible.

“Our employees have already been instructed to use a greeting that is always recognizable. The guests on board our planes will now be greeted with “Good morning / Good evening, dear guests”, explained an employee of the company.

A spokesman for Europe‘s largest airline group said the move was intended to make all passengers on board feel welcome, including those who do not identify as male or female.

‘Crews are being instructed to choose a greeting that includes all passengers,’ he said, adding that ‘dear guests’ or a simple ‘good morning/good evening’ would be used instead.

The new policy, which will be phased in gradually, applies to German flag carrier Lufthansa as well as the group’s Swiss, Austrian, Brussels and Eurowings airlines.

The company said it was responding to a ‘discussion that is rightly being held in society’ about non-binary gender identification and a desire ‘to value all guests on board’.





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