How to take care of your pets in the heat

High temperatures in summer usually lead to general malaise, but not only in humans. Animals are also affected by the heat.

We may not always realize how dangerous the heat can be for our pets. Many people underestimate this problem.

“Elevated ambient temperature very often leads to the so-called hyperthermia, which is in them, overheating, rising above normal temperature.

This makes them a little more risky than us and for easier overheating, as they are mainly cooled by breathing and thus frequent release of air from the lungs, as their sweat glands are too small and are located mainly in the area of the paws “.

The advice is for the owners to walk their pets early in the morning or late in the evening, to take shorter walks, more frequent breaks, to give them fluids every 15-20 minutes.

Some breeds are quite prone to overheating – these are breeds of the brachecephalic type: bulldogs, pugs, Pekingese as well.

“This is also true for cats. There are a lot of extreme cats. Although they are less often taken outside, the important thing is that the temperature at home is normal, optimal, leave the cooling appliances that are at home working.”

Complications can occur in adult animals, animals with chronic diseases or potential diseases at any time of inattention.







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