1 million French people made an appointment for a vaccine after Macron’s address

Nearly 1 million French people have booked an appointment for a vaccine after last night’s address by the president.

Emmanuel Macron announced that immunization or a negative test would be required in a week to enter a restaurant or cinema.

Social life in the first place – this is shown by the 920 thousand reservations for the first needle in just one day.

To boost the motivation of the unvaccinated, Macron also announced that PCRs will no longer be as free as before. And gave health workers until September 15 to be immunized. An obligation that not everyone accepts.

“We are becoming a dictatorship, we are being forced to do things we don’t want to do,” said Sandra Barona, a caregiver at a nursing home.

Authorities are trying to stimulate vaccination to avoid a fourth wave of the virus in the fall.





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