In the US:Robots have begun to replace missing employees in restaurants

After months of waiting for employees to return to work, some businesses come to their senses, writes Inchider.

As of June, only 10% of busy jobs in the United States have an urgent need for employment, according to a study by India. Whether it’s because of the worries about the child, look after the children, enough savings or the additional benefits for unemployment, the unemployed are not happy.

And here comes the QR code. The technology that helps the customers to save the needs of the customer, which is to give the menu to the customers, is based on the current wave. There are other signs that the workers will replace the hopa, at least in the pestopanite.

Because of this, some of them are starting to turn to technology, with which to replace some of the employees.

Srasker Varrel has a mobile application, with which customers can pay for drinks and drinks from their customers; MSDonald has started to run automated car ranges at 10 locations in Chicago; Dave & Wuter plans to expand the possibilities.

Use it clearly. Automated solutions are often a one-time investment and increase productivity. They don’t need special bonuses, just to start work.

Economic data suggest that the trend has intensified over the past few months. Productivity fell by 5.4% in the first quarter of 2021 – the fastest pace in 20 years.

Businesses that are starting to adopt new technologies do not believe that workers will replace them.

On the other hand, people have long feared that new technologies will destroy many jobs and increase wages. This type of thinking is summarized by the term Lydia – a social movement in the United Kingdom from the first years of the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century. The workers, part of it, are destroying the machines that have taken their jobs.

Are the technologies bad? The utilization of technological innovations has increased productivity over the last few hundred years of economic history. It is the higher productivity that gives employees the opportunity to pay higher wages. The higher rewards also increase economic activity, which increases the market share of the market.

Economist Hoa Smith writes that in the previous period of innovations – since the Indian Revolution – we have not destroyed jobs, but.





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