A mass grave was found in the Albanian town of Permet

President Ilir Meta insists on a quick reaction from the institutions

A mass grave of communism victims was found in a newly built neighborhood in the Albanian town of Permet during road construction, the MIA news agency reported.

So far, four body pits have been discovered, but it is estimated that there are still many remains of slain Communist Party enemies in the 100-square-meter space on which the road is being built.

Nebil Chika, chairman of the Association of Political Prisoners and Persecuted, said a military formation was stationed in the area during the communist regime, responsible for “killing dissidents who were caught at the border.”

“Four mass graves have now been discovered, which we are more than sure are of those shot in this part of the country. We doubt that there are more graves under the sites built around. During the communist dictatorship, until 1991. “The largest border guard training center was located here. Such places were also used to execute dissidents,” Chika added.

An immediate reaction came from Albanian President Ilir Meta, who called on responsible state institutions to fully clarify the case in full transparency so that the whole truth would be known. He added that the unjustly killed and innocent martyrs deserved state honors and a dignified rest.

So far, 29 mass graves of victims of the communist regime have been identified in Albania. During the more than 40-year communist dictatorship in Albania, one of the most brutal in Europe, 7,022 Albanians were killed in exile, 984 died in unprecedented torture in prisons, and 6,023 were shot dead as enemies of the party, according to MIA.





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