Thousands of animals literally boiled off the coast of Canada

Tens of thousands of mussels, starfish and snails have been found cooked to death near Vancouver, Canada.

This was reported by Chris Harley, a marine biologist at the University of British Columbia. He told the BBC that he was “stunned” by the discovery.

At the end of June, temperatures in British Columbia reached record highs for three consecutive days, and now a new heat wave is expected throughout western North America. California’s Death Valley was measured at 54.4 degrees Celsius in the shade on Friday.

Theoretically, the record was 56.7 degrees, recorded in 1913, but according to many climatologists, then the temperature was not measured correctly.

On June 29, 49.6 degrees Celsius were reported in the shade in British Columbia, far exceeding that tolerated by most sea creatures.

The mass extinction will temporarily affect water quality in the Vancouver area, as mussels and oysters filter it.

Harley estimates that more than a billion marine animals living along the Salisco coastline may have died from the heat.

In the states of Oregon and Washington alone, the latest heat wave has killed nearly 200 people.





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