Stop buying toys! Take your children on a field trip

Christmas, birthday, name day, completion of the second term or simply because it is Saturday – the occasions to enrich your child’s material entertainment collection are inexhaustible. Imagine how much of the family treasury is devoted entirely to these cyclical investments, which in most cases will not even be appreciated or will maintain the interest of its small recipient for no more than a week.

In order not to be misunderstood, we would like to clarify that there is nothing wrong with surprising your children, especially when you can afford it. We offer you an alternative that will transform your relationship with a portion of new family experiences.

The next time you decide to buy your child another expensive toy, the value of which he will probably not fully appreciate, think about how else you would express your love.

Instead, plan a short family trip over the weekend. After all, one is more likely to regret buying expensive furniture than tickets to a music concert, right? Socialization brings us more satisfaction than static expensive things, enriches life experience and increases the emotional intelligence not only of adults but also of children when they are direct participants in the activities of their parents.

Start investing in experiences, not things. We do not encourage you to spend a fortune on a luxury trip to an exotic country. Sometimes what you need is a simple family walk on a nearby eco-trail.

Pass on the pursuit of new knowledge and distant horizons to your children to become remarkable personalities. Teach them to be true to their inner compass to overcome their fear of flying.






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