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For pARTy! Salem Second Saturday Aug. 14 Salem Historical Society will hold its popular book signing event from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Enter the Shaffer Research Library from 239 S. Lundy Ave. Meet two local authors and have an opportunity to visit the Gift Shop.

The first author is Gary Hill, a retired teacher and part time musician living in News Castle, Pa. He has been a Cold War researcher since the late 1960s and has accumulated file cabinets full of FOA documents, interviewed witnesses, and published articles in local newspaper and journals such as The Fourth Decade and JFK/Deep Politics Quarterly. His was named Amazon’s “book of the month” for June 2021. “THE OTHER OSWALD: A Wilderness of Mirrors” is the story of two men who began an odyssey together that became a thread which, when unraveled, reveals how Cold War paranoia escalated into the death of a president. Robert Edward Webster and Lee Harvey Oswald were manipulated like marionettes on strings of espionage. Unraveling these connections may lead us to the puppeteers controlling them. Were these “controllers” orchestrating a series of events that would lead to JFK assassination?

The second author, Judy Lennington, is from Negley in Columbiana County. She is a retired factory worker of 38 years who began writing her first novel in 2011. Since then she has published 15 books and is working on five others. Growing up in a family of story tellers, she wants to continue the tradition and share her stores with all who will enjoy them.

For information call the Salem Historical Society 330-337-8514.

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