Two cats in one apartment: How to make friends with pets

Having one furry pet is good, but two is even better! It doesn’t matter if you have taken a friend for your cat or your acquaintances have asked you to shelter their pet while they are away, creating a calm environment can be difficult between two independent animals. The fact is that it is unusual for cats to exist in the company of their peers. They don’t really need a friend, they are vindictive and often very distrustful. There are several stages to make two such animals coexist as comfortably as possible for all occupants of the same house.

Getting to know each other

This is the first and very important step in adopting a new pet. If the first meeting does not go very smoothly, it will be difficult to talk about peaceful coexistence. The easiest way would be to make friends with kittens or male and female. But two cats can feel competing with each other and start fighting for territory. While two cats, on the contrary, will be patient with each other.

Getting used to it

Like many animals, cats and cats like to distribute their territory, where they are not ready to let strangers. Therefore, it would be wrong to force them to sleep together on the same bed or eat from the same bowl. It is best to provide pets with individual places to rest, their own bowls of food and water. Experts also advise keeping them in different corners of the home or even in different rooms, so that pets do not collide less often in the beginning.

Do not interfere

The habituation usually occurs within 10 days. To have little or no conflict, you can stretch a net in the room that will divide the territory of the cats. In this way, they will be able to sniff, but they will not be able to fight. Battles, however, should not be confused with small skirmishes – hissing, rustling or paws. These meetings are normal. In case of strong conflicts, it is unnecessary to separate the animals, it is enough to spray them with water from a spray bottle or cover them with a blanket. It is easiest when the kittens are small. They quickly become friends and become inseparable over time.






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