Sons of the Sea

Runnin’ with Frogs: A Navy Memoir

Life and times in the Navy

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES , August 6, 2021 / — Despite the many events in history and breakthroughs in scientific progress, there is still so much to the sea that we don’t know much about–its seemingly endless bounty teeming with life, its amazing vastness, and everything it hides within its depth. Surely the tales of how people spend their lives constantly navigating these waters would both entertain and inspire awe. What stories would a man have for us given that his career was spent mostly in the waters? George Rhodes Worthington gives us just that as he looks back on his time in the US Navy in “Running with Frogs: A Naval Memoir“.Born in Louisville Kentucky in 1937, George Rhodes Worthington moved around a lot growing up and found himself joining the US Navy after his graduation from the US Naval Academy in 1961 where he received his Ensign Commission. His first tour was with the USS Halsey Powell, which allowed him to witness and experience first-hand the Christmas Island bomb tests in 1962. His love of the waters took him through a career spanning several tours of duty, holding positions of command and leadership, and even a bit of politics while working with the Pentagon. Worthington also found his passion for sporting activities and participated in the International Naval Pentathlon in Sweden and became a member of the Military Sport Council swimming competition in Barcelona.

“Running with Frogs: A Naval Memoir” gives its readers fresh insights on a man’s successful career in the military and captivating tales of having spent so much time in or around water. Readers are treated to Worthington’s career highlights, the ups and downs of his tours of duties, his passion for sports, and the challenges of political influence. Military and Civilians alike would share in the joys and the struggles of Worthington’s career and fondly look back on the memories he shares in this book, allowing a better appreciation for the men and women who serve this great nation.

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