Causes of excessive barking of a dog named

Barking is a natural activity for dogs. They use it to express their emotions depending on the situation. However, excessive barking is uncomfortable for others and is considered a behavioral problem. Dog handlers gave advice to dog owners who are experiencing excessive barking. Excitable dogs are more prone to it, which depends, among other things, on the breed.

There can be several reasons for excessive barking, according to The Spruce Pets. The best way to get rid of this problem is to try to understand and eliminate the cause of this behavior.

Health problems

Some dogs bark in pain or other health problems. Perhaps the pet has a place, when touched to which it reacts painfully. It is best to show it to your veterinarian, as dogs can hide the symptoms of pain.


As they age, dogs often bark more and make more noise. Some aging pets may bark for hours without realizing what they are doing. In addition to cognitive dysfunction, which is similar to Alzheimer’s, aging dogs may have visual impairment, deafness or body aches and pains, resulting in excessive barking.


Another reason is worry or fear. Its source can be in the home or outside. Barking can be provoked by a person, loud noise, fireworks, a situation that is unusual or new to the dog.


Dogs can guard their territory and bark if a stranger or animal comes close. The pet can consider the whole house, yard or even a couch as its territory. If the dog barks only in such a situation, most likely, the reason is in the developed protective qualities.

Greeting or demanding attention

Your dog may bark as a greeting or try to get your attention when hungry or in need of something.


Dogs, by nature, do not like being alone, so they can bark when they are alone. Pets who experience separation anxiety often exhibit other compulsive behaviors such as gnawing on things, scratching furniture, walls, and doors. Also, excessive barking can indicate that the dog is bored and not getting enough mental and physical stress.






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