Team Mayhem Freedom Takes Home Gold by a Record Breaking margin

Champions of NOBULL Crossfit Games

P10 Performance Athletes Andrea Nisler and Taylor Williamson Lead the charge at the 2021 NOBULL Crossfit Games.

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, August 5, 2021 / — As fans and enthusiasts from around the globe gather once again in Madison WI, all eyes were on Team Mayhem Freedom as they looked to take home the Affiliate Cup victory back to its rightful home in Cookeville, TN. The team, captained by Rich Froning saw a roster of new faces this year but that didn’t stop the dynamic foursome from securing their 6th Games Victory. Not only did the team win, they went on to amass a whopping 1237 points and beating their next closest competitors by 279 points, earning them the record for largest win margin in Crossfit Games team history.“Nothing quite beats the feeling of being back in Madison, in front of a packed coliseum. After a year of many unknowns and struggles for the entire community, it was amazing to get back out on the floor and show the world how hard we have been working this year. We have created a strong team, and we are proud of our efforts over the past week,” said Taylor Williamson of Team Mayhem Freedom. Andrea Nisler also added, “It takes a complete team effort to put together that type of performance over the course of the thirteen events. Things clicked very well for us starting from the first event on Thursday.”

“We are so excited to partner up with Andrea and Taylor and celebrate this tremendous win, “ said Nic Johnston, P10 Performance Brand Manager. “At P10 Performance our goal is to provide our athletes with the very best, no matter their goals. We have worked tirelessly to provide our athletes with a full line of performance products that aim to supply training support, supplemental needs, and overall recovery.”

After a year away from the Games on the team side of competition, the return to Madison was a special one not only for the spectators but the athletes as well. As the sport returns to its full form, we are extremely grateful to be a partner of this year’s NOBULL Crossfit Games. The Games atmosphere was back in full force and the sense of community was felt in every corner of the venue. This week was a huge step in the right direction for the progression of the sport, and we couldn’t be more proud to be growing alongside this global event.

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