Archaeologists unearthed the burial ship of Pharaoh Cheops

Archaeologists from Japan and Egypt have unearthed a second burial ship (solar boat) at the foot of the Cheops pyramid, reports with reference to Ahram Online.

In total, 1700 wooden parts were removed to the surface, after which they were subjected to initial restoration. Most of them were transferred to the Great Egyptian Museum, where, after continuing restoration work and research, they will be collected together and put on display by the public.

In total, two boats are known to be placed in sealed pits at the foot of the Great Pyramid of Giza (Pyramid of Cheops). The first pit was discovered in 1954 and 1,224 parts from the dismantled ship were brought to the surface.

The second pit with a boat was also found in the 1950s, but the chamber was not opened immediately. Until 2006, scientists conducted research work. Egypt excavated with soft loans from Japan.

The solar boats had a symbolic meaning. It was believed that on them the pharaoh would move in the underworld along the heavenly surface together with the sun god Ra.






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