Archaeologists have found the lost capital of the Vikings

In the UK, archaeologists have reported the discovery of a previously unknown settlement in the Shetland Islands. Scientists believe that this may be the legendary capital of the Vikings, which has been repeatedly mentioned in the ancient sagas.

A report on the current results of the excavation was published by archaeologists from the Skailway research mission, and Ancient Origins briefly tells about it. For the first time about the “extremely important discovery” back in March this year, the local edition of Shetland News reported.

Then in the Shetland Islands of Scotland, objects about 1000 years old were excavated. The find indicated that a settlement could have been located in this area in antiquity. The intrigue was added by the fact that the sagas mention the Viking capital of Skilvoigand, which was located, judging by the indications, on the Shetland Islands.





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