Toxic emotions that prevent us from being happy

Toxic anxiety – it is usually created by feelings of insecurity and threat. Some other symptoms are fear, lack of concentration and confidence, insomnia.

Constant grief – definitely creates a constant discomfort, sadness, self-pity. It always prevents us from making adequate decisions.

Chronic dissatisfaction – a toxic emotion that constantly makes us seek standards of perfection that are impossible. In the end, we prevent ourselves from being happy because we are always dissatisfied.

Toxic addiction – this makes us an easy target for manipulators, we begin to feel insecure, to doubt our qualities, we lack motivation for good things.

Toxic guilt is the kind of guilt we feel when we want time for ourselves, when we refuse a family reunion, when someone tries to make us feel guilty, when in fact it is not. Toxic guilt again makes us subject to the manipulator and misfortune.

Toxic anger – when we are constantly angry about small things or find it difficult to control our emotions in critical situations, then anger becomes a serious obstacle for us.

Toxic denial – the problems, who we really are, how we look. This negative emotion prevents us from being brave, from loving and accepting ourselves, from taking care of ourselves.

Toxic envy – it does not make us happy, but the people around us. Friends, acquaintances, colleagues, relatives, always feel when we are not happy about their success, but we “support” them in difficult moments.

Severe depression – one of the most dangerous conditions in which a person can fall and when there is, he should seek professional help as soon as possible, to share with relatives.

Toxic crying – they say that tears help reduce stress. But it is possible for crying to become a toxic emotion and our response whenever we find ourselves in a difficult situation. Tears do not always help us make an adequate decision.






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