Dangers lurking on the beach

The long-awaited season is here. You are probably packing your suitcases for summer vacation or at least frantically looking for a place to stay in the destination you dream of. Hot summer, golden sand, waves crashing on the sea foam – who would resist that? However, in order not to turn a holiday from an exciting adventure into a nightmare, it is important to know what dangers lurk on the hot sand and in the cooling sea and how to protect yourself from them.

Dangers lurking in the sand

The beaches are never clean enough. Especially the picturesque wild beaches, which are far from civilization and are not guarded and maintained. Carefully step on the sand in these places. It is possible to come across broken glasses, syringes and leftover food. Sharp objects can injure your feet and end your vacation prematurely. Used needles can infect you with a bunch of dangerous diseases if you scratch or stab them. Food scraps hide bacteria that are not to be underestimated. How to protect yourself? Walk with beach shoes in such places.

Watch your feet and do not bury your feet in the sand while lying down. This way you will be able to enjoy unadulterated beauty and nature without risk to your health.

City beaches are at risk of infections and viruses. How to protect yourself? Choose a place that is further away from the most used area and where you can rest in peace without being in close contact with many people. Be careful with the traps on the beach, the food they sell on the sand, and of course – with your personal hygiene. Wash your hands often and before meals to avoid intestinal infection.

Beaches are a favorite place of thieves. How to protect yourself? Do not carry a lot of money and personal documents in your beach bag. If you still need to have more banknotes, keep them in a safe place, not in a beach bag. Be cunning and put them, for example, in the box of beach milk, which stands openly on your towel. Pickpockets are interested in your bag, not your ointments. Be careful if you have small children. They like to put everything in their mouths, and the sand hides “treasures” for them. How to protect them? If you dig, you will find straws, butts and all kinds of garbage in the sand. Clean them before letting the child play. Heat stroke, sunstroke, dehydration. How to protect yourself? Cool in the sea water, go home in the shade between 12 and 16 hours, drink water often in small sips. In case of symptoms of malaise, go home immediately and consult a doctor if they do not go away or get worse.

Dangers lurking in the sea

1. Jellyfish. They cause pain and burning. Observe the water around you and avoid contact with them. If you are scalded, sprinkle the area with sand.

2. Rocks at the bottom. If you do not see the bottom, step carefully so as not to injure your feet or dislocate your ankle.

3. Drowning. Do not enter the water if the flag indicates danger. Cool off on the beach. If you get in a dead wave, do not swim to shore, but parallel to it or diagonally until you get out of its trap.






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