Lithuanian Colonel: Migrants cross the border with Belarus day and night

Migrants confirm that illegal border crossing is an organized activity of the Belarusian regime.

In Lithuania, on July 9, members of the Parliamentary Committee for National Security and Defense visited the Druskininkai outpost to assess the situation. MP Dovile Shakalene said that some migrants complain about the conditions of detention. However, the main thing is their stories and testimonies. According to the deputy, migrants confirm that illegal migration is an organized activity, writes

“They say that they take money from them, then bring them, take documents, drop them off at the border and show the direction – go there,” Shakalene said.

According to her, these stories show that all actions are organized.

“These people are deceived, used, the Belarusian regime takes money from them, for visas and so on – an excursion with the opportunity to get into the EU,” the MP said.

According to the politician, it was possible to find out that people are fleeing for two reasons: because of poverty and violence. There are also pregnant women among migrants.

“We do not yet know how many are pregnant, but some will soon give birth,” said Shakalene.

Colonel SOGG (State Border Guard Service) of Lithuania Vidas Machaitis said that Druskininkai has the most migrants from African countries and Iraq.

“There are 50 of them. Two more were detained today, so there will be 52. Basically, these are young men – the children were brought here for testing, then they will be taken to another place. (…) These people do not tell the whole truth,” Machaitis admitted.

According to him, some migrants are former students of Belarusian universities, and the Iraqis arrived on tourist visas.

“They say they are fleeing the regime. Those who are from Mali – from the war, the Iraqis – also because of the won. They composed stories and say about the same thing,” the colonel said.

According to him, on Friday they began to install a barbed wire barrier, it will stretch for 510 km.

“Since there are reservoirs, regional and national parks, such a barrier cannot be installed everywhere. I think it will take two months for the installation. It will be installed with the help of the army,” Machaitis said.

According to him, several migrants have expressed a desire to return to their homeland, their applications are being considered.

“But this is rather an exception,” Machaitis admitted.

He spoke about the dynamics of migration. “Over the past day, we did not have a single migrant, but during the meeting, two appeared. They walk in the daytime, go through all municipalities – from the Ignalina region, Shvenchensky, Vilnius, Shalchininksky, Varensky, Lazdisky to Druskininkai, “the colonel said.





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