Five interesting facts about the kiss

Of all the animals, the chimpanzee’s kiss most closely resembles a human’s. Dogs, horses and Canadian hedgehogs also kiss on the lips.

In ancient Egypt, they knew nothing about kissing. It is possible that Queen Cleopatra, known for her victories over men, never really kissed. Only if Caesar did not teach her…

In the Middle Ages in Italy, a man kissing a girl in front of people was obliged to marry her. In Naples, the laws were harshest: those kissing on the street were imprisoned, and if this happened in front of a High Priest, they could be killed.

In 1979, David Bowie invented a device called a “LIPOGRAPH” that took fingerprints to identify a person. Then in America they held an assembly for lipograms of famous people. All the proceeds, amounting to $ 16,000, went to the Child Protection Fund. At this auction, a fingerprint from Mick Jagger was sold for $ 1,600. Unfortunately, “Lipograph” never came into use in forensics.

In Japan, it is considered very indecent to kiss in front of witnesses. That’s why you’ll almost never see a kiss in a Japanese movie. What is called a “Japanese” kiss all over the world is performed as follows: You stand one step away from each other, lean forward and, stretching your lips, touch them to your partner’s lips. The mouth does not open!






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