Why are relationships so hard to achieve these days? Why do we fail in love even though we try so hard? Why have people suddenly become so incompetent in building lasting relationships? Have we forgotten how to love? Or, worse, have we forgotten what love is?

We are not ready. We are not ready for sacrifices, for compromises, for unconditional love. We are not ready to put in everything we need to make a relationship work. We want everything to be easy for us. We are the ones who give up. All we need is an obstacle to throw everything away. We do not let our love grow, we give it up before that.

We are not looking for love, but for the excitement and thrill of life.

We want someone to watch movies with and go to parties with, not someone who understands us even in absolute silence.

We spend time together, but we don’t accumulate memories. We do not want a boring life. We don’t want a lifelong partner, just someone who can make us feel alive right now, in that moment.

When the excitement wears off, we find that no one has ever prepared us for boring things.

We do not believe in the beauty of routine because we are too blinded by the thrill of the adventure.

We immerse ourselves in the insignificant events of city life, leaving no room for love.

We don’t have time to love, we don’t have the patience to deal with relationships.

We are too busy pursuing materialistic dreams – and there is no scope in love. Connections are just a convenience.

We look for immediate satisfaction in everything we do – in the things we publish online, in the careers we choose, in the people we fall in love with.

We want the maturity of the relationship that comes with time, the emotional connection that builds over the years, the sense of belonging when we hardly know the other person. Obviously, nothing deserves our time and patience – not even love.

We would rather spend an hour with 100 people than spend a day with only one.

We believe we have “options” and “alternatives”. We are “social” people. We believe more in meeting people than in getting to know them. And we are greedy. We want to have everything.

We enter into relationships at the slightest attraction and withdraw the moment we find someone better.

We do not want to bring to light the best in a particular person. We want it to be perfect. We go out with a lot of people, but we rarely give any of them a real chance. We are disappointed in everyone.

Technology has brought us closer together – so much so that it is difficult for us to breathe.

Our physical presence has been replaced by text messaging, voice messaging, snapshots, and video chatting. We no longer feel the need to spend time together. And without that we are already fed up with others.

There is nothing left to talk about.

We are a generation of “wanderers” who do not stay in one place for too long.

Everyone experiences a phobia of attachment. We believe we are not made for relationships. We do not want to settle down.

Even the thought of it is frightening. We can’t imagine spending the rest of our lives with a single person.

We’re leaving.

We despise perseverance as a kind of social evil. We like to believe that we are “different” from others. We like to believe that we do not fit into social norms.

We are a generation that defines itself as “sexually liberated.”

We distinguish sex from love, or so we think. We are the “crash-break” generation.

First we have sex and then we decide if we want to love someone. Sex comes easily, loyalty does not.

Going to bed with someone has become the new drunkenness. You do it not because you love the other, but because you want to feel good.

This is just the temporary gratification we need. Sex outside of relationships is no longer taboo.

Relationships are no longer so simple. There are open relationships, friendships with extras, non-committal dunks, overnight sex, non-binding fucking – we have left too little exclusivity for love in our lives.

We are the practical generation that relies only on logic.

We no longer know how to love madly. We would not board a plane to distant lands just to see someone we love. We’re breaking up because … the distance is too much.

We are too sane for love. Too sane for their own good.

We are the timid generation – we are afraid to fall in love, we are afraid to commit, we are afraid of falling, we are afraid of being hurt, we are afraid of having our hearts broken.

We do not allow anyone, nor do we take the step of loving someone unconditionally. We wander behind walls we have built ourselves, looking for love and running the moment we really find it.

Suddenly, “we can’t handle this.” We do not want to be vulnerable. We do not want to reveal our soul to anyone.

We are too cautious.

We don’t even value relationships anymore.

We do not keep the most wonderful people, because there are “many more fish in the sea”. We no longer consider them sacred.

There is nothing we cannot conquer in it





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