Adidas presented the world’s first shoes made of mushroom‘ leather

Adidas are quite active in experimenting with new technologies. The company has now officially introduced Stan Smith Mylo. These are the first sports shoes to use Mylo – a material derived from mushrooms, which resembles natural leather. Its soft and elastic structure is a suitable solution for creating sneakers that are also more environmentally friendly.

Mylo is produced from renewable mycelium by means of highly efficient growth of the underground roots of the fungus, which takes about two weeks. Adidas specialists take advantage of modern vertical farming techniques that allow the mycelium to be grown in a system that increases production per square centimeter.

The conceptual model is another product that is being developed with the idea of ​​being harmless to nature. The use of Mylo material is possible in the outer upper part, the perforated stripes, as well as in the heel cover.

The midsole of the shoe is made of natural rubber, inform BusinessInsider and Digital.

The new concept is possible thanks to a unique and joint partnership with Bolt Threads – a biotechnology company committed to creating the next generation of advanced materials. The creation of Stan Smith Mylo is the best proof of a technology that is expected to be realized in many new products in the near future.

Cooperation is based on environmental commitments and demonstrates a long-term commitment to a more sustainable future, through serious investment in material innovation and creative solutions to ensure. In this way, companies ensure that the material is harmless to the planet, but contributes to the sporty look of the shoe.





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