Hundreds were killed in shootings in the United States over the weekend of Independence Day

Independence Day in the United States turned out to be unbelievably bloody, according to summarized official statistics, quoted by BNT. The data are from the Archive for Violence with Weapons and refer to the period from Friday to Sunday – July 2-4. According to the data, at least 150 people were killed in the period July 2-4 during shootings in the United States. It is about over 400 shootings.

In New York alone, there were 26 casualties, including deaths and injuries from 21 shootings. Number one in the darkest statistics is Chicago – with 14 dead and 83 injured.

Following another mass shooting in the United States in May, US President Joe Biden ordered flags flying over government buildings at home and abroad to honor the eight killed in a shooting near a train depot in San Jose, California. The US flags have been lowered in half over the White House, all government buildings and territories, and over all embassies, military bases and ships by May 30.

“Stop it. I reiterate my call on Congress to take immediate action and listen to the call of the American people, including most gun owners, to help end the epidemic of gun violence in America. Every life taken by bullet “pierces the soul of our people. We can and must make more efforts,” Biden said. Police are conducting an investigation in San Jose to establish the motives of the attacker, who according to American media reports committed suicide. Police were initially reported to have eliminated the perpetrator. At least one victim of the shooting is in hospital, doctors assess the person’s condition as critical. FBI agents are involved in investigating the circumstances of the incident. The shooting took place on May 26th at the Valley Transit Authority train depot in San Jose.

“It is my sacred duty to order the flags to be lowered once again just weeks after the shooting in massage parlors in and around Atlanta, Georgia, in a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado, in a private home in Rock Hill, South Carolina, and in a warehouse. of the FedEx Zip Company in Indianapolis, Indiana, “the head of state said.

The suspect in the shooting is a company employee, Russell Davis of the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office told a news conference. In fact, the shooter is the ninth victim in the case.





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