How dangerous it is to drink water from a bottle in the car

What happens when the plastic water bottle is standing in the heat?

Everyone happens to forget the plastic water bottle in their car. Surely you have quenched your thirst more than once with the liquid that has remained for days, because you did not have fresh water around you. Next time, before you do, think very carefully, writes

According to studies conducted a few years ago, it is clear that the plastic used to make disposable bottles emits bisphenol A. This is a compound that can seriously impair a person’s health, as it affects hormones and their balance.

What happens when the plastic water bottle is standing in the heat?

When the bottle is heated, bisphenol A begins to release. If your car is parked in the sun, the temperatures in it increase significantly and this contributes to the release of a huge amount of bisphenol A.

The compound polyethylene terephthalate is used in the manufacture of the bottles. It is carcinogenic and has been found in many types of plastic water bottles. However, its use is not banned as it is very light and easy to handle.

There is no prospect of a ban soon, so we advise you to be very careful what kind of water you drink and what foods you eat. Avoid any products that are directly attached to the plastic.

If the water in your car has been in the sun for more than a few minutes, just forget about it and throw it away. It is better to stay thirsty for a few minutes, instead of harming your health.






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