Biden to Three Seas in Sofia: Eradicating Corruption – Bulgaria

“The United States supports you in every step, we are committed to improving relations in your region and with the institutions so that Europe can fulfill its long-standing goal of being united, working and living in peace.”

This was stated by US President Joe Biden in a video address to the participants in the Sixth Summit of the Three Seas Regional Cooperation Initiative, which began today in Sofia.

Biden said the United States supports the Three Seas initiative and noted that it has incredible potential to improve the prosperity of the region and the world.

“Democracies need to prove that they can work for their peoples, invest in good infrastructure in a transparent way, including through the Three Seas initiatives, and eradicate corruption,” he said.

“By working together, you will strengthen sovereignty, strengthen energy security and all citizens of the region will be able to compete and prosper so that the world is more secure, there are no countries sabotaging others with cyber attacks,” Biden pointed out. “We can achieve it together.”

“The Three Seas Initiative has proven to be a platform for dialogue, as a strategic line to promote economic development through energy, transport and digital connectivity, so that we can achieve more connectivity, more cohesion and a more prosperous Europe, to avoid misunderstandings.”

Thanks to the joint efforts of the 12 countries between the Black, Adriatic and Baltic Seas, the Three Seas Initiative creates an opportunity for economic growth, connecting countries, social and economic cohesion. With political leadership and joint actions of business and the non-governmental sector, we can improve the living standards of the people in the region.

This was stated by President Rumen Radev, who opened an international conference dedicated to the possibilities for financing by the Investment Fund of the “Three Seas” initiative, the press office of the head of state announced.

The President said that the strengthening of the investment fund to “Three Seas” and the attraction of an investment adviser to it / Amber Infrastructure Group / marks the transition of the initiative from political to real action.

Business is a key player, said Rumen Radev and added that growing interest in the initiative from different countries around the world, which is based on the great potential of our region.

Bulgaria is looking beyond the geographical and temporal borders in the region to find the intelligent development of the projects in the initiative, said President Radev on the priorities of the Bulgarian presidency of “Three Seas”. According to him, new opportunities for progress in the region should be sought and this is the reason why Bulgaria invited Greece as a guest at the summit “Three Seas”, which our country will host this year in Sofia. We must fully ensure the North-South connection, and important transport, energy and digital connections pass through our border with Greece, said Rumen Radev and pointed out that the region should take advantage of the potential of ports and liquefied gas terminals in the south. our neighbor.

The President also emphasized another main priority of the Bulgarian presidency – connectivity in the field of science, education, technology and innovation.

“We need to look for smart solutions with a horizon beyond the next 20-30 years. The next step is to work with young people and connect organizations and institutions that deal with innovation,” he said, stressing that the approach should is aimed at integrating innovative solutions in the field of transport, energy and digital connectivity, mobilizing human capital and business.

Bulgarian President Radev also noted the importance of strengthening the initiative’s ties with its strategic partners – the United States, the European Commission and Germany.






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