Here’s what not to eat before swimming

In the summer holiday season it is good to remember the rules for a cloudless vacation.

One of the most important rules for summer is not to enter the water for at least half an hour after eating. But it is also important to know what not to eat before swimming.

Spicy foods are dangerous because the body is mostly horizontal while swimming, so acids can build up and spicy foods can make the problem worse. So do not eat spicy foods before swimming.

Fruit juices and fizzy drinks can cause bloating and cramps.

Alcohol reduces the ability to react quickly and evaluate, and this can be dangerous when swimming.

Also, do not eat lentils, beans or peas, because they contain a lot of fiber, which is good for health, but can cause bloating, constipation and cramps, which can spoil your pleasure.

Energy drinks cause diarrhea or nausea and lead to dehydration.






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