New children’s book ‘Elephants Are Not Birds’ is ‘unapologetic rebuke’ of transgender agenda

Woke children’s books such as pro-transgender “I Am Jazz,” race-baiting “Not My Idea: A Book About Whiteness,” and “The GayBCs” have been all the rage among leftist teachers, parents, and schools.

But there’s a new title in town that you can bet the woke set won’t want anywhere near their tykes — but it very well may be just what more conservative adults prefer their kids set their eyes upon.

It’s called “Elephants Are Not Birds” — and conservative activist author Ashley St. Clair calls it an “unapologetic rebuke” of the transgender agenda.

It’s the first title from Brave Books, which the New York Post reported will focus exclusively on stories for kids and offer parents “a conservative alternative to the current cultural activism that our children are being taught in schools, in the entertainment they watch and the books they read,” the publisher’s website says.

More from the paper:

Company CEO Trent Talbot, who had his first child a little more than a year ago, conceived of Brave Books when, he said, he started to notice “that there is a real war going on for the hearts and minds of our kids. And everywhere I looked was propaganda,” the Montgomery, Texas-based dad told The Post.

An ophthalmologist by trade, Talbot pointed to Ibram X. Kendi’s picture book, ”
Antiracist Baby,” which urges parents and kids to “make equity a reality,” as content that needs a counterpoint.

“Once my eyes were open, I was seeing it everywhere, and I couldn’t unsee it,” Talbot told the Post. “I thought there was a need for books that could help parents teach the values they hold dear.”

What is ‘Elephants Are Not Birds’ about?

The paper said “Elephants are Not Birds” is about an elephant named Kevin who likes to sing and then is convinced by a vulture — named Culture — that he actually must be a bird since he sings so well.

But despite Culture bestowing a beak and pair of wings upon Kevin, he just isn’t able to do life as well by trying to be a bird, the Post noted.

“The book is an unapologetic rebuke of the transgender acceptance and the growing number of young people identifying as trans,” St. Clair tweeted.

“You get special attention now in the classroom if you say, ‘Hey, my name is not Billy, it’s Amanda,’” the 22-year-old author told the paper. “I am going to have a little boy in November, and it’s scary to think he could come home and say, ‘My friends all identify as something else, and that’s how I feel’ and have my son crying because he’s not put on hormone replacement therapy.”

How are leftists reacting to the book?

As you might expect, leftists are popping blood vessels far and wide over “Elephants Are Not Birds” and doing their snarky best to rip it to shreds:

  • “This is BEYOND VILE!” Twitter user The Big Gay Al wrote about the book. “I assumed it was satire but it appears not.”
  • Another commenter tweeted that the book is “hate speech” and “evil.”
  • “How about we support and accept humans for who they are and want to be,” another user noted.
  • “I was like, this has to be parody but then I scrolled down to see ‘elephants are not birds’ and I stopped thinking this was a parody. Smh,” one commenter tweeted.
  • “Motherf***ers are going to have blood on their hands,” another user declared.

Anything else?

“Elephants are Not Birds” is available only on the Brave Books website through an offer to parents of book per month for a $12.99 annual subscription, the Post said.

Other titles in the pipeline include, “The Island of Free Ice Cream” by conservative figure Jack Posobiec which will tackle communism, the paper noted, adding that Brave Books “is also courting Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas), to write ‘Fame, Blame, and the Raft of Shame’ about cancel culture.”



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