The story of the Nigerian prince: The influencer Hushpuppi got rich through email schemes

The “notable” Іnѕtagram influencer Nuѕhrurrі (c ictincĸo notated Pamon Olopynva Abac) zhiveesht in private airpalne and lux has 2 000 000 followers.

The outcome of the paper raised many questions about the audience. Apparently, this and the FBP have forgotten the same thing. The answer is not far from the notion of the “Prince of Nigeria”, who makes fraudulent e-mails, reports Zero Nedge.

According to the FBI’s allegations before the federal court in California, Abac is involved in “a scheme for money laundering, obtained from business and other frauds.”

Taka Nuhururri has already earned almost 1 million dollars, paid by a lawyer in New York. This is part of the payment of a complex fraud scheme imposed by Nuhururri and others around the world. The work model is called business email compomise.

Here’s how it works:

The initiators of the attack are turning to a legitimate business, which requires something valuable, usually a piece of paper, from another company. In order to get to this point, they send mail to the victims and start to follow the facts, which it sends to their clients. When they notice such a thing, they “introduce” it into the real payment, which must be realized.

“These attacks are so realistic that most people don’t think about them,” said Kpain Xacold, a senior salary researcher at the company. and a former FBP analyst. “When you participate in payments like these, you see a lot of these emails every day. And when there is no indication of anything wrong, you confirm the transaction. One would expect that when exchanging larger papers, there will be some process that requires a second-hand decision or something similar. But in many cases, this is not the case. “

Attacks like those have been perpetrated by criminals and fraudsters in West Africa for decades. By 2015, cybercriminals will begin to realize that they can make more money from business than individuals could.

The people from the quarter, where Abaz was born in Hygepiya, “started to fall in love with online fraud in the early 2000s,” he said. “Fraud continues for more than a decade and ranges from fraud with paperwork to fraud with checks for money.”

The Nuhururri family will start working with the paper in 2012. For years, one of my closest associates, Camcon Oyenkylenle, has been arrested in Houston, convicted of “participating in many frauds against the WES” and.

Nyukhurri himself was arrested last year in Dubai, when the police rushed to our hotel. All the evidence is that he, too, has done “insignificant” wealth, through fraud and embezzlement such as the business email compomise format.





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