Start eating these foods and your hair will not turn white

The discovery of the first white hair makes us think seriously about life. At that moment we realize that our body is starting to age and the years will not spare us. Unfortunately, this is a process that we cannot stop. Hair bleaching occurs in the life of each of us. However, if you eat a few specific foods, you could enviably slow down the graying of your hair. It is very important to lead a healthy lifestyle, exercise, drink plenty of fluids and eat healthy and rich in minerals and vitamins foods. Do not deprive yourself of these foods if you want to have beautiful and healthy hair:

• Foods that are rich in selenium

Selenium is very important for the human body. Some people rely on dietary supplements, while others prefer to eat selenium-rich foods on a daily basis. However, selenium should not be overdosed because it could act as a toxic agent. Brazil nuts are a great choice for you if you want to slow down hair aging. A few nuts are the optimal dose. Include in your menu more chicken, eggs, fish and other nuts.

Folic acid

Folic acid is vitamin B9. If your body is deficient in this vitamin, your hair may suddenly turn white and you may wonder why. If you do not take this vitamin in the form of supplements, include in your menu meat, beans and green leafy vegetables.

• Foods that are rich in iodine and honey

Do not allow iodine deficiency in your body, because this is a prerequisite for serious diseases such as Hashimoto’s. It, in turn, is able to cause gray hair. Eat foods rich in honey and iodine as often as possible. These are potatoes, sunflower seeds, liver, seafood and many others.






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