What water is suitable for newborns and children in the summer

Parents who are fans of internet tips know that giving water to infants is not recommended.

The explanations are convincing, but do not take into account the fact that on hot days the risk of dehydration of young children is huge. This is due to the peculiarities of the child’s body – a relatively large area of ​​skin, increased metabolism, imperfect thermoregulation, improper upbringing.

The latter is illustrated by the example of how mothers in the heat cover the strollers (with a mosquito net or diaper), so the temperature inside the stroller increases by 10 degrees.

On warm days, drinking water is a must for everyone! But beware, plastic hot water bottles can be dangerous! At high temperatures outside and especially in the car in the sun, plastic releases toxic substances. Therefore, store water in glass bottles in a cool place.

Signs of dehydration in infants are decreased urine output, red lips and dry skin, restlessness, fever, vomiting, and in more severe cases, severe fatigue and drowsiness. In older children, dehydration can also occur with headaches. Apart from giving water, other preventive measures are standing outside in thick shade, and only early in the morning and late in the evening, when the temperatures are relatively low.

What kind of water should children drink?

Mineral water is not suitable for babies and young children, it contains too much salt. An accident, for example when walking, will not hurt. Prefer water with low mineralization, such is the table water. It is wise to change the different types of table water every two or three weeks and to alternate with tap or spring water. If the manufacturers are conscientious and follow the relevant standards, the most useful for the little ones is the spring bottled water, specially marked to be suitable for babies.

It is good to consume from a freshly opened bottle, kept cool and not to use the next day. More and more experts believe that tap water is the most harmless. Especially in areas that are known to have good qualities.

In newborns, tap water must be boiled for at least 15 minutes, especially in summer, when bacteria multiply rapidly. If you decide to use tap water for older children, get a filter jug ​​(costs about 40 BGN), the filter removes contaminants, chlorinated lime and bacteria.

How much water should children drink?

Approximately 30-40 ml. per kilogram of weight. Give as much as they want, children’s instinct tells them how much they need.

It is true that some infants refuse water, but they catch up with more milk.

But how do we know if a child needs water if we don’t offer it? Give water between meals, especially when it is very warm outside. If your child is not a fan of water, offer tea without sugar, diluted fresh, kefir, watermelon, juicy fruits, if age allows.

Older children often get lost in play and forget to drink, so they should be invited. Advice not to give water is equally dangerous with advice to drink huge amounts without the need (intense exercise, hot weather).

A lot of water greatly dilutes the blood and the concentration of trace elements decreases. It can lead to the so-called. “Water poisoning”.





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