The Invisible Forewomen project

United Religions Initiative MENA along with its partners;  UiL-LdV, Albania, TEKMED, Turkey, Have A Dream, Egypt & DRPDNM, Slovenia co-organized a five-day Train of Trainer workshop  for 30 marginalized women from Albania, Egypt, Jordan, Slovenia and Turkey. The workshop, which was held in a hybrid style where young women from each country gathered physically and connected online with young women from other countries. This workshop is the fourth milestone of the Invisible Forewomen project, which is generously funded by the Anna Lindh Foundation.

URI MENA selected seven marginalized young women from fewer opportunity regions/ backgrounds based on their personal qualities. The young women of all five countries gained essential competences (skills, Knowledge and positive attitudes) needed for enhancing marginalized women participation in socio-cultural and economic life. Additionally, they acquired the needed skills to train others in this field. Therefore, they will train another 25 marginalized women in their communities.

The workshop tackled the following topics:

  • Developing key skills for women Empowerment (Personal and Soft skills)
  • Role and importance of social – cultural engagement of women
  • Women economic empowerment- Entrepreneurship, Business Model Canvas, Business Plan and Financial Literacy.
  • Customer service
  • Marketing
  • Digital Literacy- Technological transformation vs. Women Empowerment
  • Sustainable Tourism and relevant toolkit

Shaden, a participant from Jordan, says: “For me it was an overall great experience. Listening to the challenges that other woman around the globe face, made it once again clear to me, that I should fight for my rights “

This hybrid workshop is part of a comprehensive project cycle called “The invisible Forewomen”, which consists of the following six phases, whereas the hybrid workshop represents only one out of all phases.

Phase 1: Research study about marginalized young women to define their needs for socio-economic inclusion. The study will be conducted in 8 countries; 5 partner countries (Albania, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Slovenia), Italy, Lebanon and Morocco.

Phase 2: Develop a Toolkit (under the name “Women Lead Change”), which will provide guidance to empower marginalized young women and enhance their socio-economic inclusion.

Phase 3: Select a sample of 25 young women from our target group from partners’ countries

Phase 4: Conducting the hybrid workshop from woman of all 5 countries

Phase 5: Organize a 3-days conference in Jordan inviting 100+ members of the Anna Lindh Foundation’s networks in Europe & MENA Region. A half day of the conference will be dedicated to visiting marginalized communities in Jordan and we will organize a day Expo to enable marginalized young women to apply what they learnt in the training in selling their products (brought from home), showcase their talents and share their cultural rituals.

Phase 6: The trained woman shall conduct a similar workshop within their communities

Currently, the URI MENA team in Jordan is preparing the “Invisible Forewomen” conference to be held in Jordan later this month.

– Venue: La Casa Hotel, Amman (4 Star)

– Date: From 29-31 July 2021

– Themes: The conference will tackle marginalized women sociocultural and economic empowerment to boost their participation in the social, professional and public life. It is a serious attempt to raise awareness about challenges that deprive marginalized women from their full citizenship and leave them susceptible to marginalization, violence and discrimination.

– Sponsor: Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF)

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