Chef fell into a pot of chicken soup and died

An Iraqi chef died in an unusual accident last week when he fell into a pot of soup. The man received severe burns to large parts of his body, the Daily Mail reported.

Chef Isa Ismail helped prepare a wedding banquet at Hazel’s wedding hall in Zaho on June 15, Gulf News reported. While stirring the soup, which was in a large pot on the floor, the 25-year-old slipped and fell into the food.

The father of three was taken to a hospital about 40 miles away to receive treatment for the severe burns. Doctors tried to save the man’s life for several days, but the cook died on June 21 as a result of third-degree burns on about 70% of his body.

The chef’s tragic death shook Iraqi media and sparked an outburst of grief on social platforms. Many people blamed the incident on insufficient safety standards in the country’s restaurants and kitchens.

According to Zervan Hosni, a relative of the man, Isa has worked as a chef for about eight years. Hosni added that “Isa is the father of two daughters and a 6-month-old son.”






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