Do you know why the wine bottle has a concave bottom?

If you are also a fan of the grape drink, then you have certainly had the impression that its bottom is concave. However, have you ever wondered what this is due to – is it consistent with the liquid inside or is it more of a standout design?

Why is the bottom concave – what are the reasons for this? There are many reasons why bottles of sparkling wines and champagne are concave. One of them, however, stands out and has its logical explanation when we talk about sparkling wines.

Their taste is carbonated and this is mainly due to the carbon dioxide that is part of their content. Obtained during the fermentation process. It is this carbon dioxide that creates internal pressure. If the bottle does not comply with this, the cap itself could fly at a height of 50 meters. When pressure builds up, the bottom of the glass bottle is the most pliable part.

The recess itself makes it much more stable and the pressure is distributed on the walls of the bottle.

In ordinary wines, the bottom is also concave. This is again in line with the pressure we told you about.





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