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GEN Z 360 Helps Leaders, Business Owners, Retail and More Prepare for the Inevitable Change that Gen Z is Bringing to Culture, Work, and Commerce

SUMMIT, N.J. (PRWEB) July 15, 2021

“A great read. Original research. Gen Z 360 provides the guidance we all need to effectively relate to Gen Z at personal, professional, and societal levels. Hana is making a timely call to action particularly relevant for educators, employers, and marketers; to listen, be open, adapt, and enable a generation that carries the voice of hope for our collective future.”
― MAEVE COBURN, Learning & Transformation Executive, L’Oréal.

“An insightful and detailed analysis of a complex generation—one that is vital for us all to understand. This generation is propelling a profound change that will challenge the educational and political systems, the workplace, and the consumer market. For any company ready to engage with them, Gen Z 360 is an indispensable guide.”
― GABRIELLA FORTE, CEO and COO of International Luxury Brands.

In the past few years there have been a myriad of articles and books about Gen Z. Yet rarely have we seen a deep assessment of this generation that goes beyond the plain description of their tech savviness or values driven consumption until now in Gen Z 360: Preparing for the Inevitable Change in Culture, Work and Commerce (July 2021; Hardcover;

Based on in-depth research and years of experience advising global brands and retailers, author Hana Ben-Shabat—an award-winning management consultant and founder of research firm Gen Z Planet— not only describes the unique characteristics of this upcoming generation as culture creators, employees, and consumers, but also digs deeper into the “why”, explaining what’s behind the change, and thus what it will take to navigate it.

From how to recruit, train, and integrate this hardworking and hungry generation into today’s multigenerational workforce, through to how to market products and services to them — Gen Z 360 is packed with insights and no-nonsense guidance that can make all the difference during one of the most transformative periods in business history.
In addition, believing that if you want to know a generation, just ask “what’s your biggest dream,” Ben-Shabat, in her ongoing research, collected thousands of dream statements from teenagers and young adults. With the help of artists from all around the world, a selected number of these statements turned into illustrations. These are shared throughout the book, providing a unique perspective and a compelling look into the hearts and minds of this generation.

About The Author

Hana Ben-Shabat is an award-winning management consultant, public speaker, and business commentator. She is the founder of Gen Z Planet―a research and advisory firm that helps leaders across sectors and industries to prepare for the next generation of culture creators, employees, and consumers.

She was inspired to create Gen Z Planet after seeing her clients waste resources, miss opportunities and generally wrestle with understanding Millennials. Her vision for Gen Z Planet is to stop history from repeating itself by arming organizations with the know-how they need to effectively connect with the next generation, future-proof their organizations, and turn Gen Z insight into a growth engine.

Before founding Gen Z Planet, Hana was a partner and board member of the global management consulting firm Kearney where she co-led the firm’s Global Consumer Institute and advised clients around the world on issues of corporate strategy and organizational effectiveness. Before that she held marketing positions at several Israeli tech companies.

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