Scientists with a breakthrough to prolong life – we can reach 120 years

Researchers at Bar-Ilan University in Israel have been able to increase the lifespan of mice in the laboratory by 23%. Researchers are now exploring the possibility of prolonging human life, reports The Times of Israel.

The researchers “raise the curtain” and talk about their experiment. They were able to increase the amount of SIRT6 in 250 rodents. It is a protein that affects DNA repair. Thus, the genetic material is reproduced in the body and aging is slowed down.

The head of the laboratory where the study was conducted, Chaim Cohen, said that this was an important scientific discovery. If a way is found to use this method on a person, his life expectancy will increase to 120 years. Now the average life expectancy in the world is 71 years.

In addition, the aging process will slow down. At the same time, the risk of age-related diseases will decrease. One will feel wonderful: one will be in good health and consciousness. Cohen adds that there are many tests ahead so that people can live happily ever after.





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