Winner of the Laval Virtual Awards 2021

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Tennis Esports wins the Laval Virtual Awards 2021 in the category sports.

VIENNA, AUSTRIA, July 9, 2021 / — VR Motion Learning GmbH & Co KG is pleased to announce to win the most recognized price in the industry, the Laval Virtual Awards 2021 in the category sports. The Awards ceremony took place at the Espace Mayenne in Laval (FR) on Thursday, July 8th.Tennis Esports is an unique application, which makes Virtual Reality and real tennis on court incredibly close, making VR not only an exciting game but also the most advanced training device from the beginner to the ATP/WTA player. This innovative and fun approach will increase the appeal of tennis to new generations attracting many more players to the sport.

Gregory Gettinger, CEO & founder: “We are so excited winning this great award for our truly groundbreaking application. Soon, you can virtually learn how to play tennis with a perfect technique in only a fraction of time, efficiently and accurately in a personalized and customized set-up. This application will open the door to authentic virtual tennis learning & gaming, virtual tennis tournaments and real tennis esports.”

About Tennis Esports

The applied technologies cover video & audio fidelity in VR, highest levels of immersion, haptic feedback, real-time full body motion tracking and capture, interaction with people and objects, multiplayer games, games between locations and usage of data collection, similarity modelling, biomechanical modelling, real-time data analysis and processing using Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence tools. The new VRML platform integrates all necessary technologies and content into powerful and universal solutions to enable multiple B2C and B2B products and to significantly improve quality and effectiveness of motion procedures. This scientific project, accompanied by the Technical University of Vienna TUW and major industrial partners, is based on individual biomechanical data.


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