Removal of molars can stimulate taste buds

Removing molars could improve taste perceptions decades after the intervention, Medical Express reported, citing a study by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania.

The study involved 1,255 people, 891 of whom had molar teeth removed. Their taste perceptions were tested by five different concentrations of sucrose, sodium chloride, citric acid and caffeine.

They had to drink from each solution, splash with it and spit it out, and then indicate what taste they felt – sweet, salty, sour or bitter.

It turned out that in each of the four solutions the taste perceptions of the people with extracted sages were stronger than those of the control group. It has also been found that this is more pronounced in women.

The researchers concluded that people whose molars were removed a long time ago experienced an improvement of between 3% and 10% in taste perceptions.

“This study shows us that taste perceptions can improve slightly between and up to 20 years after the intervention. This is a surprising but impressive finding that needs to be better understood,” said Richard Dotty of the University of Pennsylvania. who is leading the study.

The data from the study are published in the journal Chemical Science.





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