Living ‘The High Life’

Empathy Action is inviting schools, businesses, community groups and churches to consider climate justice as it launches its new immersive workshop, ‘The High Life’, online.

When it comes to climate change, everything is connected. Everyday decisions made in one country could mean the difference between livelihood destruction and sustainable development in another.

The immersive workshop focuses on two countries with contrasting economic fortunes. Participants are divided between the countries and experience how the choices they make – as they work, study and spend – impact on the climate and the lives of citizens in both countries. The participants’ responses determine whether or not they are able to prevent catastrophic climate change. A taster is available here.

At the end of the experience participants are encouraged to reflect on their decisions and consider what actions they might take to combat climate change and reduce climate injustice. The whole program can be run in two hours.

While ‘The High Life” is available to download free of charge from our website, there will be an opportunity to consider making a donation to offset the carbon emitted while participating through our partners Climate Stewards. If you would like to know more about ‘The High Life’ please go to

Paul Williams, Chair of Empathy Action, said: ”The High Life will enhance participants’ understanding of the significance of the decisions taken at COP 26. It underlines the importance of our own decisions and actions in bringing about greater justice in the world”.


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