WHO Europe: Football fans take part in this exciting Game, but safe

Throughout the WHO European Region, fans have been excitedly returning to watch football after more than a year of cancelled matches and closed grounds. But with the pandemic far from over, how does it feel to be a spectator again, with many restrictions and public health measures in place? And what precautions are people taking to try to keep themselves safe?

Football as part of the #SummerSense campaign

WHO/Europe launched its #SummerSense campaign in collaboration with United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Europe and Central Asia to encourage everyone to exercise caution and keep safe from COVID-19 this summer. With the pandemic far from over, we all need to practise #SummerSense:

  • If you want to travel, think about the need. If you decide to, do it safely.
  • Assess your risk at every step.
  • Take precautions, such as cleaning hands frequently, keeping a safe distance and wearing a mask.
  • Avoid the 3 Cs: settings that are closed, confined or crowded.



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