The Teachings of Great Leaders

The best leaders are those who guide a group and provide meaningful direction and inspiration.

UNITED STATES, July 7, 2021 / — Many great leaders have left their mark throughout history, and their actions echo through the years and continue to inspire and uplift us. Their words shine like beacons, spreading messages of love, tolerance, peace, and eternal hope for a better tomorrow. Desmond Tutu, South African anti-apartheid and human rights activist, reminded his followers: “Hope is being able to see there is a light despite all the darkness.” Martin Luther King Jr., America’s most visible spokesperson and civil rights activist in the 1950s-60s, spoke about the power of forgiveness and integrity: “An eye for an eye leaves everybody blind. The time is always right to do the right thing.” Mahatma Gandhi, the political ethicist who advocated for nonviolent resistance to help India overcome British rule, emphasized the importance of cultivating one’s own attitude when stating: “I would not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”If you examine their perspectives, visions, goals, words, and actions, you will begin to see a pattern. In times of turmoil and trouble, such leaders step up to serve as a source of hope, strength, guidance, passion, and compassion. And the messages they spread—of love, hope, joy, and growth—are universal and timeless. You will recognize such leaders by the way they uphold and communicate these teachings:

• Foster an attitude of becoming better instead of bitter.
• Turn a mess into a message, a mistake into a lesson.
• Think in terms of “we” instead of “me.”
• Fight against hate with love, fight the darkness with light.
• Zoom out from small stories and petty thoughts to embrace the bigger vision.
• Find joy and meaning amidst suffering.
• Refrain from walking away from injustice.
• Harness the power of love to transform yourself and others.
• Cultivate the capacity to forgive and let go of the past.

True leadership isn’t merely a matter of managing and providing direction. The best leaders are those who guide a group and provide meaningful direction and inspiration. They lead by example; put their people first; have a clear vision, courage, honesty, integrity, and focus; and provide encouragement and coaching. These qualities are among those that differentiate a leader from a boss or manager. Great leaders support and convey the power of love over hate by maintaining equanimity and faith even in the darkest of times. Their messages—and the mentalities and movements they evoke and promote—allow us to maintain faith in humanity.


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