Vucic: The claim that Bulgaria and Croatia are blocking European integration in the Western Balkans is a tale for young children

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Tuesday night that Serbia’s entry into the European Union does not depend only on Belgrade, adding that there is saturation from enlargement within the Union itself, Politika writes. He noted that stories that Bulgaria and Croatia are blocking European integration in the Western Balkans are “tales for young children”.

“There is no desire for EU enlargement. We will do everything, we have made progress in the rule of law, we are constructive in the talks with Pristina, if we get something – we are not. There is political saturation from EU enlargement, “Vucic told local news agency Euronews.

Pointing out that the latest European Commission report states that Serbia has made progress, Vucic says there are objections and that the country is not shirking its responsibility.

“I am not running away from our responsibility, we had to do a million things in the rule of law faster,” he said, adding that Serbia was still ready for two clusters, that it had managed to do the things it had been asked to do. short time, but that she was in no way rewarded.

Vucic said that despite the opening of the chapters, the country would continue to work, adding that Serbia was catching up economically with member states, and that it was developing much faster in that regard.

Asked about the problem that the EU blames Serbia for and corruption, the president said much has been done on the issue, but it is not enough.

“Part of the blame is undoubtedly ours, but it’s not just up to us and everyone knows it,” he said, noting that Northern Macedonia has met what it expected. has changed its name, as well as the names of highways, airports and monuments.

“But they didn’t open any heads for them,” the Serbian president said, stressing that the stories of Bulgaria or Croatia not giving in were “tales for young children”.





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